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Transversal analysis of my Curriculum (update : July 2007)

FAMILY ORIGIN Family origin. My origin is twofold, from Alsace-Lorraine in Eastern France by my father ("huber" stems from "hobereau" in French or "Bauer" in German, which means peasant) and from Aquitaine in South-western France by my mother. Traditionally, Alsace-Lorraine brings a poise and responsible background, and Aquitaine (historically linked to Britain for long), a warm and savvy attitude. Parents, grandparents were traders or bankers/insurers, but one, a musician.
EDUCATION Education. The French educational system pushes good fellows in mathematics and physics to the competitive examination of scientific "Grandes Ecoles", such as the renowned E.N.S.P.C.B. in Bordeaux (group B: physics-chemistry). In addition, my personal decision drove me to a MBA in Insead (Fontainebleau) and to a PhD in Biology, a serious hobby since a kid (populations genetics, Nancy). This stems from a highly active social and associative life, from fluency in English (5 Summer holidays in England and Ireland) and German (a Summer course and the military service, as a volunteer, for a year), and from a network of friends in biology and medicine. In addition, I have followed 4 years' evening training programmes in health economics (which I personally paid). A constant dual approach, business driven and technology driven, with an international touch.

Overall experience and approach. It should be emphasised that my experience extends to:

- « all » dimensions of the pharmaceutical industry (from sales to strategy, from P.R. to territory management, from budget to resource allocation or industrial productivity, from R&D management to health economics, from re-organisation to management of teams, from licensing to lobbying).

- several types of cultures (Anglo-Saxon, French international, French family-owned);

- diversified positions, either line or staff, in matrix organisations and in international environments;

- written (more than 70 international papers) and oral (numerous world-wide lectures in French, English, and in the past, German) communications;

- and, active participation to private clubs, enrolling pharma execs and discussing all health care aspects from various perspectives, including State affairs and regulations, European comparison of health care systems, emerging opportunities.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that I have no experience of actual pharmaceutical production and I am unable to pursue this path with certainty (due to single allergy constraints), that I have obviously never handled clinical trials per se, that I am not an NHS expert, although my experience of the various European health systems is accepted as an exceptionally rare asset.


Marketing & Sales management. From field experience as a rep (GP's, specialists, local and University hospitals) to product management (national and international), P.R., market research, I have handled operationally cardiovasculars (hypertension, angina, thrombosis), analgesics (pain, arthritis, anaesthesia), antibiotics and antivirals (all diseases), anticancers (all forms), psychotropics (insomnia, depression, psychosis, Alzheimer), vaccines (most targets), biotechnology drugs (specialised niches), probiotics and selfmedication (diarrhoea, cough and cold, asthenia and other minor ailments), nutrition; additionally, I have been deeply involved (boardroom) in diabetes drugs, in blood derivatives, vasodilators, antifungals, hormonal treatments, medical devices (...). This broad spectrum comes from the complementary portfolio of the companies I worked for (notably, Rhône Poulenc's, which was extremely wide with over 10% volume share in France) and from the diversified projects dealing with very many therapeutic classes, as a consultant.

Strategic policy management. I have operationally handled or have been deeply involved in all current strategic issues of the pharmaceutical industry, concerning all departments of a company (10 year strategic plan, emerging channels of distribution and direct sales to pharmacists, internet and e-business to and from pharmacies, wholesalers and/or general public, C.R.M. to existing and new potential targets of clients, launch without a reimbursement (Italy), delisting threats (France, Germany), generic attacks (Germany), generics diversification (France, Great Britain, Europe), organisational restructuring (Belgium, France, Latin America), switches to OTC (Belgium, Germany), restructuring of a too wide product portfolio with disposals (France), product-market portfolio with 10 year projections, target corporate profits and relative gaps fulfilment, internal and external development expenses, pricing moves, policy vis-à-vis reference prices (Germany, Spain), international transfer pricing and new product pricing (worldwide and country by country), share holding strategies (L.B.O.'s, J.V.'s in Japan, India, Indonesia, Colombia), information technology moves and organisation, industrial productivity and sites disposal, audits of competition and of targeted preys (business intelligence), internal diagnostics and of competitive position (marketing and finance), key investments in production and R&D (France, Great Britain), potential diversification into cosmetics, O.T.C. (Europe), government policy.

Budget and finance management. I have operationally handled all aspects of this dimension, except being an actual auditor: control of 3 year plan, budget of subsidiaries of major European markets, large and small, and of some Far-Eastern J.V.'s and detailed accounting of a small subsidiary (with also social, legal and fiscal issues). In addition, I have performed financial evaluation and actual negotiations of acquisitions (in U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Japan and minor projects throughout the world), of investments, of various deals (including swaps), L.B.O. financing. And I have been deeply involved in information to (many) financial analysts, investment bankers (Lehman, SocGen) and brokers, actually dealing with some of them. As a consultant, I am frequently dealing with financial bankers and analysts, plus financial consultancy companies (such as Bain, Morgan Stanley, Accenture.. .).

Territory, legal and contract management. I have handled the management of a small subsidiary (Belgium), of existing and new licensees in Europe (belonging to blue chip companies), and have been deeply involved in those dimensions of management, for the Rorer acquisition (and other acquisitions, that succeeded or failed) and ultimately for the merger of two or three legal entities per country (Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, and as an observer only, France, Benelux); I have started from scratch and completely negotiated licensing-in and out deals (including blue chips companies); I have been involved with the legal aspects of various acquisitions (form 10K in the US, shareholders convention in Italy, special minority agreements) and of merging legal entities, dealing directly with legal advisers (Shearman & Sterling).

Health economics management. I have handled pricing negotiations in France, in Belgium and lobbying for the same purpose in Germany and at the European level, with high calibre senior civil servants and MDs opinion leaders; besides, I have been deeply involved in health economics and detailed analysis of the healthcare systems of each country of Europe (including the P.P.R.S.); also I have the actual experience of pharmaco-economic and pricing issues at the product level (e.g., enoxaparin at Rhône Poulenc, and many others, as a consultant) or at a more macro level (e.g., patient type, therapeutic segment, QALYs and home care, company vs. State regulatory bodies).

R&D management. I have been conceptually involved in biotechnology stakes, in alliances (development J.V.'s), in project follow up from late phase II, in the detailed allocation of resources, internally and externally, in the strategic evaluation and orientation of the research portfolio.


Pure consultancy. As a major stance, I have pushed the following issues, in addition to standard -pot boiling- problem solving on pharmaco-economics, marketing and Internet items:

- actually make (not only decide of) significant productivity gains (all departments) to face volume slow down, price erosion and reduced research output (short to medium term);
- adapt the marketing & sales organisation according to the actual product portfolio life cycle or to evergreening strategies or to the extension of target groups or to new communication tools, depending on each client's specificity, and not only to the traditional clients' expertise or to therapeutic segments (short to medium term);
- reshape the entire organisation with C.R.M. techniques, taking into accounts new types of clients or payers or patients (medium to long term);
- reshuffle organisations and competencies, progressively with the emergence of new products generated by modern R&D (genomics, proteinomics, ...), which will dramatically change management of diseases and patients (long term);
- include the Internet environment and e-business in all operational activities, exemplified from the very top management (all terms);
- promote and focus resources to all types of innovative alliances, from R&D to clients' networks and distribution channels, in order to be seen as proactively capable to achieve a regular above average growth (all terms);
- emphasise the health economic approach at all stages of any product life, in order to anticipate the questions of all potential targets (financial stakes), and, the ethical economic approach at all stages of any company communication, in order to anticipate the questions of all pressure groups (emotional stakes);
- proactively push transversal approaches and thinking on marginally changing global stakes;
- above all, meet the extraordinary difficult challenge of moving definitely and quickly the concerned employees in the above directions, while these employees have been accustomed to smooth evolutions with a long time frame (e.g., 5 years) and with conservative approaches in the past, in line with past rules of success.

The selected trade name «Pharmaclient» is a mirror of the customer-oriented privileged approach.

4 ACHIEVEMENTS Four exemplary professional achievements:

1- Profit recovery and reorganisation of the Belgian subsidiary of Biocodex, which bore losses equivalent to 30% of its turnover over 8 months, just before my arrival: achieved through quick decisions, with internal consensus (despite encouraged turnover), on price, on focus of promotion, on split of the two linguistic teams, on administrative simplifications and on the nomination of a product manager, promoted from the field force (capacity of decision, of organisation, human dimension, pragmatism).

2- Animation of multidisciplinary teams of 6 to 12 persons for part-time missions of 1 to 3 months within Rhône Poulenc (R&D, product-market strategy, OTC and generic diversifications, acquisitions, merger of the main European subsidiaries of RP and Rorer, international transfer prices.. .), while being the team leader or a key participant, followed by a personal presentation of the team recommendations to the board; similarly, within Zeneca, leadership of a team of 4 persons of which 2 MDs (capacity of animation, leadership, team working, openness, will to delegate and putting trust in others, resistance to stress).

3- Management of various key missions (in the fields of marketing, finance, law) for the Rorer acquisition (and other ventures) within a confidential and selective task force, prior to, during and after the tender offer, implying negotiation ability with third parties, allied or not, such as consultants, lawyers, financial brokers. Similarly, definition of the ideal partner of Biocodex in Scandinavia, contacts from scratch, negotiation of the complete licensing package, follow-up of the project from N.D.A. to launch, with Astra, despite the huge differences in size and culture with Biocodex (capacity of negotiation with high calibre individuals, interpersonal multicultural skills, not arrogant, self starter, timely achiever).

4- E-experience: along time with consultancy, and more like a personal venture (self starter, opportunism for change), supporting services in a pioneering way (in France) for two hot topics:

- the Internet wave and surrounding issues like e-business, as a major leverage of communication to all types of targets, of improving dramatically reaction times, and when legally feasible, of creating new business;
- marketing one-to-one, or lately C.R.M., as a major leverage of change, of adaptation to new clients, of gains of productivity;
- and the natural bridge between the two, e-C.R.M.

This included, among others (strongly client oriented, positive-minded attitude, plus flexibility, curiosity and taste for innovation as engines for dynamism).

- several recurrent competitive diagnoses of web sites of companies, including 2 global surveys and the nomination of a Golden Pharmaclient award (2004, 2006);
- the analysis of potentialities of Web 2.0 with action plans;
- the edition of a monthly Pharmaclient Newsletter (now 5.5 years), e-mailed to pharmaceutical managers (and also available online at;
- the involvement on EHR (French DMP) and hospital IT re-engineering projects (since 2004), and their implications for the pharmaceutical industry;
- the evaluation and action plan of potential e-business, from a perspective of various players, not only pharmaceutical companies (with an emphasis on distribution issues and on key MDs and/or pharmacists groups);
- the potential and impact of the web sites dedicated to the general public (e.g., and possibly to the health professionals at the same time (e-health: e.g., egora, medisite), as a new mean of communication or business;
- the implementation of C.R.M. techniques, their benefits, pitfalls, their cultural constraints and their difficulties within existing networks and organisational behaviour.

Besides, I have a deep understanding of the profile, demands and behaviour of the standard internaute, and of French physicians and pharmacists putative internautes from a specific survey that I conducted. And, I took the matter for myself and built a personal website (using PHP and Html bodies), with a database.

Apart from being a very promising field of new business, these two topics have convinced me of the even stronger necessity of more proactive change and of quicker responsiveness for the pharmaceutical industry. This must enforce dramatic moves in terms of handling business, of behaviour and communication contents to standard clients (including regulatory/political authorities) and to new clients, such as the general public (with patients' associations) and payers.




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