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<PHARMACLIENT.NET> is Jean Huber's personal website and showroom of activities as an ARCOS freelance consultant.

Dedicated to various types of missions and to various types of clients within the pharmaceutical world :

  • Pharma-strategies: portfolio and organisation management, plus business development solutions and the specific Customer Relationship Management with internal collaborators, external lobbyists.

  • Pharma-FrontOffice and the specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM, eCRM, benchmarking, software selection and implementation) for health professionals, such as prescribing doctors, advising pharmacists, opinion leaders, patient groups directors, hospital buyers.. .

  • Health Policies and Pharma-Economics and the specific Customer Relationship Management with administrative authorities such as State servants, social payers executives, health economists, insurers, mutual funders.. .





Jean Huber is a senior executive of the pharmaceutical industry, presently acting as a freelance consultant in Pharma strategies, CRM marketing, business development and in health policies and economics.

For the last 30 years, the man has held a variety of responsibilities in Marketing, Finance, Planning, Strategy, Commercial Operations, Business Development and Mergers & Acquisitions, either line or staff. Within international matrix organisations or smaller family-owned units. With French or foreign ownership.

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Read the TRANSVERSAL ANALYSIS of the author's professional experience, in English.

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Want to grasp more about the author's knowledge of the French Pharmaceutical Market ?
Read the review of the FRENCH SUPPLY CHAIN, in English (2000 data).


Pharmaclient promotes a unique culture in France: 
Maximise the value of the one-to-one relationship with each "client" or  customer. 
Whenever this client is direct, i.e. yourself.  
Then to sharpen your interest, we have prepared a bunch of attractive and specific free services!

Or your own client.  

6 types of Pharma clients may be focused at, today, just like the 5 traditional senses of human relationship to its environment, plus.. .  the 6th sense, still virtual, of electronic communication !

  1. Prescribing doctors and dispensing pharmacists

  2. Experts, journalists and opinion leaders in healthcare 

  3. Payers and regulators 

  4. Health economists and specialized politicians 

  5. Patients and their associations 

  6. Internal clients and B2B partners

MISSIONS Our missions are directly related to our experience, to our network and to our focus on one-to-one Pharma relationship and Internet issues.

Our spectrum of activities is wide, completely in opposition to selling a sharp expertise.

It may be questioned if this spectrum of missions is not too wide. 
I believe not, for the following reasons:

  • We act as a freelance consultant, not the founder of an entrepreneurial agency

  • We serve more our clients as an interim advisor

  • We simply do not take a mission if we feel unable to tackle it successfully

  • We do not plan to build and grow a company

  • We just gather top quality experience for each client and maybe future hirer.

What we do cover as a consultant:

  • CRM analysis and implementation,

  • product portfolio analysis and strategic recommendations, including marketing, pricing and pharmaco-economic policies,

  • audit of organisations, diagnosis, benchmarking and recommendations,

  • audit of web sites ( either corporate or pathology-linked or product-linked or services-linked),

  • analysis, recommendations and possible negotiations of contract deals (licensing in and out, contract options, health-economics),

  • strategic analysis of the French market or of European diversity in healthcare, either for current players or for outsiders.

We bring our top of the class and global experience to Pharma executives, either within the Pharma industry or in service outsourcing companies:

  • by helping to solve complex problems and situations in a pragmatic way

  • by saving their time schedule and work load

  • by acting as an objective and independent advisor

  • by serving their specific needs, each time as a unique challenge

  • by aiming to become a long term partner

What we are definitely not:

  • A top management consultant in an international group (although we do help them occasionally!)

  • A web agency (although we tackle html, PHP and Javascripts, daily!)

  • A consultant who is financially linked with a software vendor

  • An expert in health econometrics

  • An IT expert

What we definitely do not cover: management of production, of clinical trials, of registration packages, of human resources, of procurement.

If, as an outsider of the French Pharma market, you would like to be in contact with relevant professionals on these matters,
I shall be pleased to help you!

SERVICES and CONTENTS No flash technology or video intros in this personal website.

Just top quality data, that are regularly updated and with value added to the e-reader.

With experience, this is a rare asset!

All hypertext links are distinctive by italic (usually block) LETTERS and over-lit by yellow on mouse.

Many free services and contents (sorry, most of them in French) are proposed :

  • PHARMA-GLOSSARY, a practical and lively glossary of pharmaceutical words for non healthcare-professionals, such as information systems managers, with many examples and anecdotes (in French, with English translation for key words);

  • CRM-GLOSSARY, a practical and lively glossary of CRM and IT words for non IT-professionals, such as health professionals, with many examples and anecdotes (in French, with English translation for key words);

  • «PHARMA-GALLERY», the already famous gallery of portraits that features the professional experience of nearly 1,000 key managers of the pharmaceutical industry and health decision makers in France: a «Premiere»! (beware, the access is legally restricted to healthcare managers and pre-registration is required);

  • PHARMA-NEWS, a monthly newsletter on the topics of the consultancy: health policies, one-to-one relationship, Web-business, pharmaco-economics, management strategies;

  • PHARMA-THINK, a series of in-depth dossiers on the topics of the consultancy: health policies, one-to-one relationship, Web-business, pharmaco-economics, management strategies, communication. Notably a dossier is written in English for possible new comers to the French market and describes the MARKET in France with its major players;

  • PHARMAWEB, a table of the URL of the pharmaceutical companies (drugs and medical devices) in France;

  • PRESTAWEB , a table of the URL of their service companies (including head hunters);

  • PHARMA-M&A, a synthetic list of the mergers, acquisitions and major start-ups of the pharmaceutical industry in France during the last 30 years (also a «Premiere», like the Pharma-Gallery).

LINKS Health issues represent the highest focus of interest in the Internet, worldwide, with nearly half of the total hits.
Hence a boundless list of specialised websites.

For this English executive overview, links are limited to global and established hubs and portals in French and English:

Medical Issues: CHU ROUEN (French) and CADUCEE (French)
Pharmaceutical Issues: SCRIP (English), PHARMAPORTAL (English) and PHARMACEUTIQUES (French)
Health Economics Issues : IHEA (English), ISPOR (English), CES (French) and MEDCOST (French and English)
Web Doctors: DOCTISSIMO (French), E-SANTÉ (French)
Web Pharmacists: CELTIPHARM (French) and PHARMUP (French)
News: QUOTIMED (French) and MEDISCOOP (French) and PUBMED (English)
Web Pharma-guided Engines : GOOGLE and YAHOO (English)

Links are otherwise disseminated all over the website, and notably in the two glossaries: 
and CRM-GLOSSARY with the comparison of English and French words.

Websites of Pharma companies (drugs, vaccines, OTC, devices, diagnostics) and of their partners (Advertising, Communication, Consulting, Internet, CRO, Medias, Wholesale, Distribution companies, etc.) in France are listed in PHARMAWEB and PRESTAWEB, respectively.

Websites of Pharma recruitment agencies in France and Europe (head hunters) are also listed in PRESTAWEB.

  • The US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), voted in 1998, does not allow any copy, even private, of any digital content.
  • The European Union Copyright Directive, voted in May 2001, is similar but accepts copies in 2 cases only: for private or educational purposes.

Please respect copyrights and do mention Pharmaclient as your source of information, should the case arise.




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