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Jean H .
C.V. in English (July 2010)
ID French, born February 10., 1952
7, boulevard Flandrin, 75116 Paris, FRANCE. 
Phone: + 33 6 31 67 07 76 
Web site: www. pharmaclient.net

Work experience : 32 years in the Pharmaceutical Sector
12 years, Business / Territory Management / Licensing / Sales
9 years, Product Marketing / Customer Relationship Management / New channels
11 years, Strategic Planning / Management Control / Finance / Merger & Acquisition / Economics / Organisation / Pricing-Reimbursements / Health Policies
1998- today : Consultant Pharma practice, ARCOS (1998-2003 : Freelance). Missions
# Communication, customer relationship, marketing and Internet on health issues ("launch-repositioning strategies", "evergreening tactics", CRM re-engineering-training, e-CRM, MD's educational programmes)

# Prices, reimbursements, governmental plans, economic dossiers and pharmaco-economy

# Business development (foreign clients) and business intelligence (e.g., on old age issues and dependency, on distribution and communication channels, on MD's networks, on patients' associations and EMRs, on e-detailing, on French state cancer plan, on Web 2.0), editor : www.monautomedication.fr (OTC, July 2010)

Pharma marketing managers (incl. Devices and botechs), pharmaco-economists, V.P.'s and CEO's, subcontractors (communications agencies, web agencies, software vendors), distributors, analysts, bankers, consultants) Results
# Business plans in France (e.g., German biotech orphan drug, stake : 40 M€ at year 3)

# Defensive actions for reimbursement and marketing relaunch (semi-ethicals)

# Investment strategies for self-medication (incl. e-OTC), and direct sales to pharmacists

# New key success factors in oncology (networks, patients' education)

# Skills-culture for the development of customer relationships (Sales Force Automation)

# Conception-production-management of own Internet showroom of activities www.pharmaclient.net (best pharma independent site). Creation of the Internet Golden Awards by Pharmaclient (3 audits, 180 websites), of the Pharmagallery (database of mini C.V.'s for over 1100 managers) and of the Pharmaclient e-News (monthly, 6 years, 5000 readers), plus since June 2008 a new dedicated database on Biotechs in France

Plus very many problem-solving projects in Pharma, for commercial strategies, for economics (portfolio-price-volumes, financial evaluation), for distribution patterns, for media changes, on (bio)generics

1991-1997 :  European business manager (Country management), BIOCODEX (40 Millions € en 1991). Missions
# Management of a profit centre of 11 Million €, the drug Ultralevure (ethical/OTC) accounting for 95%

# Management of the single subsidiary in Belgium (17 people)

# Administration and medico-marketing co-ordination of 7 licensees, of which 5 blue chip companies : Smithkline Beecham (today GSK) in Italy, Astra (today AstraZeneca) in Scandinavia, B.M.S.-Upsa in Spain, Akzo (today Schering-Plough) in Germany, Merck (today MerckSerono) in Portugal

Externally, V.P.'s, marketing managers and brand managers of licensees, business development managers, key opinion leaders ; internally, Chairman-shareholder, supply chain manager, factory manager, R&D Vice-chairman-shareholder. A hands-on operational duty Results
# Organisational and financial restructuring of the Belgian subsidiary (initially, losses of 30% in turnover)

# Tuning of local pricing policies and volume control (sales growth and profitability doubling, over 6 years)

# Definition of an ideal partner in Scandinavia, solo contacts, negotiations, licensing-out contract, registration and launch

# Crisis management in Germany, Spain, Portugal (delisting threats) and against generics. Double branding : ethical-OTC (mature countries), hospital-niche (new markets)

# Switches to self-medication (proactive delisting). Medical repositioning (regained credibility)

1985-1991 : Group planning manager (Pharma sector) under Deputy General Manager in charge of Economy-Finance-Administration, RHÔNE POULENC HEALTH DIVISION (2 Billion € in 1989, 75% of total sales, today Sanofi-Aventis). Missions
# Building of the 10-year strategic plan

# Analyse, consolidation of the yearly 3-year budget-plans for the 20 major subsidiaries and J.V.'s (stakes, action plans by country, objectives by zone, recommendations to operational area V.P.'s)

# Mounting or diagnosis, on behalf of operational V.P.'s, of acquisition dossiers (15 have succeeded, before Rorer, weighting 550 Million € of additional turnover in 4 years), directly acting in the negotiations of 4 of them, in North America and Europe (stake: 300 Million €). Tender offer over Rorer.

# Design of strategic surveys and benchmarks (internal, external)

Internally, interfacing with members of the executive team and their direct associates, plus managing directors of subsidiaries in each country (5 in France), staff functions (R&D, production, IT), local planning and budget managers, international product managers (a staff position within headquarters) ; externally, large international companies consultants, business bankers, financial journalists, lawyers Results
# Animation, supervision of multidisciplinary teams for special projects lasting 1 to 3 months (e.g., product-market portfolio with 10 year projections, target profits, relative gaps fulfilment)

# Implementation of audits, of internal or competitive diagnosis (development expenses, international transfer pricing, new product pricing, potential diversifications, generics, OTCs, L.B.O. financing, financial analysts communication, information technology, industrial productivity and investments...)

# Key member of the restricted team for the deal with Rorer (selected by C.E.O. since its very beginning in September 1989) to aggregate one among the then 10 largest groups world-wide (3.2 Billion € pro forma in 1990). Notably in charge of financial, strategic and legal aspects of the leverage before the public offering, then of the first steps of the actual merger of the major European subsidiaries of both companies (appointments, headcounts, organisations, portfolios)

# Participation in the mutation (partly achieved) of the company, from a conglomerate of independent French units with feudal systems towards an integrated international organisation

1981-1985 : Product Manager Tenormin (Blockbuster), I.C.I. - PHARMA FRANCE (80 Millions € en 1985),
First product of the subsidiary (40% of turnover) and of the I.C.I. group (today AstraZeneca).
Missions : 
# Product strategy with a direct promotional budget of 1 Million € p.a. Annual marketing plan

# Conception of the promotional campaigns for 2 sales teams (three times a year) and of the external marketing tools. Partnership with international marketing department in Manchester

# Management of a 4 people's product team with 2 cardiovascular MD's

Internally, sales teams, marketing colleagues, regulatory affairs manager, clinical development manager, managing director, international marketing team and area manager ; externally, key opinion leaders, communications agencies, media planners, specialised press managers, all types of subcontractors Results
# Yearly volume growth of 20%, up to becoming the n°1 betablocker in France. Pre-launch of follow-up derivative forms

# Advertising innovation ("My Tenormin")

# Breakthrough communication, internal and external, with promotional scenario movies

# Organisation of major P.R. events with cardiologists (Cambridge, Oxford, . .)

1978-1981 :  Medical Rep. (18 months). P.R. Exec. with opinion leaders and GP's, Market Research (Antibiotics, Anticancer), Launch of analgesic new drug, ELI LILLY FRANCE (40 Million € in 1981). Missions
# Implementation of projects in marketing, medical communication and market research. Integration of the subsidiary

# Field salesman (representative, private doctors, pharmacists, university and regional hospitals, clinics)

For sales, G.P.'s, specialists (lung, E.N.T.'s), hospital practitioners (surgeons). Results
# Extension of target for anticancer brands, from university hospitals to local hospitals, after field testing and trials<

# Successful launch of Nalgesic (slogans, pack shot, training, competitive argumentation), being the first NSAI analgesic

# 7th national salesman in 6 months (antibiotic launch challenge). Best regional increase for hospitals (+60%)


Education :

1977-1978 : M . B . A . in INSEAD, Fontainebleau.

1973-1978 : Ph. D. (Biological Science), Nancy University.

1973-1976 : Engineer of E.N.S. Physique - Chimie, Bordeaux ("Grande École, group B").


Languages :

French: mother tongue

English: fully fluent

German: good working knowledge; 3 months training course in B.A.S.F., Ludwigshafen, and 1 year Military Service, near Trier


Outside interests : Sports. Music lover. Publications: 70 international biological papers (of which 4 books). LEEM-LIR-AFIPA (pharmaceutical manufacturers associations) accredited journalist. Member of business clubs. Four cycles of yearly training programs in Health Pharmaco-economics. Many congress talks abroad. Visits-stays in 70 countries.




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